Sliding Series


Profiles of Sliding series are designed to provide large window and door covering. Double, trio and quartet wing movements can be provided in large door and window openings with Winlife sliding series.



WinLIFE S7700 Series PVC door and window profiles are designed to cover wide door and window spaces, enabling you to have the desired view of double, triple, and quadruple sash openings provided by a special rail system.

Profile is 77mm in width and has special brush seals with nylon membranes which provide superior insulation between the frames and shutters.

The profile has adjustable special wheels which allow shutters to move on the rails and on the frame smoothly.

Water drainage chambers are designed to enable an easy water flow inside profiles.
Glazing beads have inclined inner surfaces.

Single or double glazing ranging in width from 5mm to 22 mm can be used.


WinLIFE S9500 Slider Series PVC Windows and Doors profiles provide both a low cost and aesthetic solution for by preventing unnecessary usage of extra door and window sashes.

Sliding in a horizontal direction minimizes loss of space and provides a wider view. Sliding options include single, double, triple and quadruple combinations.

Details for water and air impermeability have been particularly considered and special weather stripping piles providing excellent insulation are utilized.

Special sash openings solve the cleaning problems experienced with similar types of windows

TPV grey gasket, Co-Ex, working between -40 °C and +130 °C with high UV and Ozone resistance.


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