WOODPAN FIBER CEMENT SHEATHING _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

WOODPAN, our Wood Textured Fiber Cement sheathing, which is a variation of STANDARD PLUS Fiber Cement has a non-textured surface and an exterior façade product. YALIPAN is inspired from the warm look that wood gives to façades. YALIPAN add the Wooden Texture to the superior qualities of the Plus group products, which has led to the creation of a building material that is insect-proof and does not decay or require constant maintenance unlike wood. YALIPAN has a European Fire Rating A2, d1, s0.

Production Standards:

Outer layer: Wood-textured cement bonded mineral layer
Inner Layer: Smooth cement-bonded mineral layer
Thickness: 10/12 mm
Width: 1250mm
Length: 3000 mm

It is possible to manufacture boards in other thicknesses and to cut them into custom width and length


Areas of application:

  • On building facades
  • In soffit and fascia cladding
  • For decorative purposes in interior spaces
  • On prefabricated building facades
  • On light and heavy steel construction

WOODPAN General Characteristics

  • It provides perfect sound and heat insulation
  • It does not swell in water
  • It is not affected by mildew
  • It IS stable
  • It is fire-resistant
  • It can be rapidly and easily mounted
  • It has high impact resistance
  • It is not affected by heat variations
  • It is not affected by environmental conditions
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • It does not release formaldehyde
  • It does not contain asbestos
  • It has a real wood texture
  • It can be painted with high paint adhesion qualities
  • It Resistant on both surfaces against weathering and scratches
  • It is high impact and wind resistant