STANDARD PLUS+ FIBER CEMENT SHEATHING _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

STANDARD PLUS+ is the names given to non-textured boards with both surfaces coated with layers containing no wood particles and are composed of only inorganic materials. The core is a mixture of wood, cement and chemicals additives that are non-toxic.

It is a modern and widely used structural material resistant to earthquake and fire with its superior structural qualities obtained by bringing together the tensile strength, elasticity and lightness, processibility features of wood and compressive strength resistance against water, moisture, fire, decay of cement. Its resistance to weathering and its paint-adhesion features have been improved with the concrete layer on the surface.

STANDARD PLUS+ can be used on the interior and exterior of all structure types

Production Standards:

Finishing: Unfinished/ Cement-bonded mineral layer
Thickness: 08/10/ 12/ 14/ 16/ 20/ 24/ 30 mm
Width: 1250 mm
Length:  2500/ 2800/ 3000 mm
It may be manufactured in different thicknesses, and its length and width may be tailor-made.

STANDARD PLUS+ General Characteristics


  • It provides perfect sound and heat insulation
  • It does not swell in water
  • It is not affected by mildew
  • It is not affected by pests
  • It is fire-resistant
  • It can be rapidly and easily mounted
  • It has high impact resistance
  • It is not affected by heat variations
  • It is not affected by environmental conditions
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • It does not release formaldehyde
  • It does not contain asbestos


STANDARD PLUS+ Areas of application:

  • Interior and exterior of all types of structures
  • Independent and raw houses
  • Multi storey building facades
  • Spaces requiring insulation
  • Facades of commercial; business and shopping centers
  • Store facades
  • Pre-fabricated structures
  • Applications with special dimensions
  • Site offices
  • Warehouses and big halls
  • Earthquake houses and shelters
  • Spaces requiring insulation and temperature control
  • Exterior façade cladding of steel structures
  • All types of roofs
  • Interior partitions
  • Schools