STANDARD FIBER CEMENT SHEATHING _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Manufactured since 1984 and the favorite member of the fiber cement family, our STANDARD fiber cement board is manufactured from a mixture of wood, cement and chemical additives not harmful to the health. It derives its lightness, elasticity and processibility from wood; its resistance to water, moisture, fire and decay from cement, and serves the users’ with superior structural qualities

Production Standards:

Finishing: Unfinished/ Cement-bonded mineral layer
Thickness: 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/24/30 mm
Width: 1250 mm
Length: 2500/ 2800/ 3000 mm
Weight: 10 / 13/ 16/ 18/ 20/ 30/ 38 kg/m2

It may be manufactured in different thicknesses, and its length and width may be tailor-made.




Advantages of using our STANDARD Fiber Cement Boards:

  • It does not contain any harmful material
  • It is an environmentally friendly construction material
  • It provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • It is ideal for prefabricated buildings
  • It does not swell or mould in water
  • It is not affected by moisture
  • It is crash and impact resistant
  • It is resistant to earthquakes.
  • It is insect proof
  • It is resistant to movement related to humidity and temperature.
  • It is fiber resistant and meets as well as exceeds European Fire Standards.
  • It is a lightweight building material; east and fast to install