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Jericho hills Project is the first environmentally sustainable project in Palestine designed to illustrate the efficiency and performance of Techno Homes Steel Structure Construction system and cutting edge technologies as well as materials incorporated.

We are committed to build this project with the environment in mind andJericho Hills Master Palen
introduce methods of building that have been proven to treat problems our region traditionally suffered from such as the climate soil, and humidity to say the least. We aim to construct buildings and interiors that will stand the test of time and reduce energy and maintenance costs dramatically, helping preserve the region’s supply of natural resources.

Located in Al-Seeh area of Jericho with a total land area of 17981m2, Jericho Hills Project will consist of a total of 43 Villas and one Administration Building. We offer 6 models of two, three and four bedroom cottages villas turn-key style. All Villas are constructed using Cold Rolled Steel Structures covered with Fiber Cement Sheathing and Polyurethane Insulation core.

Modern in design and feel, the Villas will incorporate the latest in amenities and comforts. They feature top of the line kitchens, bathroom sets, laminate flooring, storage space, a private patio. In addition, villas will also include energy and resource saving features such as low-E, insulated double pane windows, HVAC units, insulation values exceeding standards and codes, and various "healthy" materials.

In addition to the Villas, the resort-like project includes a wide variety of service spaces all incorporated into the compound, including landscaped gardens, 6 swimming pools, basketball/ tennis court, mini market, WiFi service and in-house golf cart taxis.

The project has a parking lot with space dedicated for each Villa. The Administration building consists of staff to administer the daily works of the project such as gardening, maintenance, security. The whole compound is surrounded by a wall, a security system and emergency 6m wide roads to ensure safety of property and residents.

Jericho Hills will demonstrate through best development practices and careful planning, how a green community can be achieved in the Jericho Dessert


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