Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture and Interior Design

Our Architectural Department specializes in residential, retail and commercial projects. We provide professional comprehensive as-built surveys with data and CAD drawings for architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans. “We aim to introduce new and improved ways of planning, designing and building”.

Our Architecture team will take our clients through the complete pre-build process, from initial ideas until you obtain planning and building regulations, approval, keeping you informed through every step in preparation for plans manufacturing and project execution.

Techno Homes works in a wide variety of architectural style and on a wide variety of projects- from high end to social housing projects and from custom homes to commercial buildings. With all our clients, whatever the projects, the goal remains the same- to identify the vision of our clients and deliver it in a way that is sustainable, beautiful and fitting.

Interior Design Services

Our Interior Design Department specializes in residential and commercial construction and re-modeling projects. We provide quality design services by asking all the right questions and listening to our clients.

We aim to integrate the aspirations of art, science and culture through our designs to create environments that our expressive of our clients tastes and changing needs, while keeping function and sustainability in mind.