About Us

Company Description

Techno Homes is an all-encompassing project development, construction, architecture, design and manufacturing company, created out of the dire need for efficient and modern technologies and solutions in the construction and engineering sectors. Techno Homes is introducing lines of products, developing projects and offering services that will re-define the meaning of efficiency, durability and style in the region.

Products & Services

Techno Homes offers a range of products including but not limited to:
1- Steel Structures and Joists
2- Structural Insulated Panels
3- Fiber Cement Sheathing
4- Manufactured Stone
5- PVC Windows and Doors
6- Laminated Flooring
7- Roofing Systems
8- Steel Cutting Technology
9- Portable Site Offices and Toilets

In addition to the above mentioned products that are either manufactured in-house at our factory in Ramallah or imported from Europe with exclusivity rights, we also provide the following complementary services:

Construction and Development Services:Our unique blend of engineering, architecture, financial and managerial expertise enables us to offer this comprehensive service to our clients. We provide project development and construction services to clients from concept to completion.

Architecture and Interior Design Services:Our architectural department specializes in residential, retail and commercial projects. We provide professional, comprehensive architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans.
Our Interior Design department specializes in residential and commercial construction and re-modeling projects. We provide quality design services by integrating the aspirations of art, science and culture through our designs to create environments that are expressive of our clients’ tastes and changing needs, while keeping functionality and sustainability in mind.